Our Vision

Millions of Follow Him, Liberty Christian Center Born Again believers worshiping the Lord. Their lives changed for the better while on earth eagerly doing what God wants them to do and awaiting their resurrection.


1. Start a movement or a fellowship of believers called “Follow Him” that will minister to the people to do the will of God into the country thereby eliminate graft and corruption from all sectors of the government and business and to instill honesty and integrity into the character of the people. This could be done by people of all sector of life doing Bible Studies learning from Jesus. See How to Study the Bible” or Read “Fundamentals of Bible Study

2. Work on the establishment of an International University into the Philippines to train facilitators and leaders.


(This is exciting because when we were in the Philippines for six weeks in December to January 2005, this call of God is already in the hearts of other people and they did actions to promote the same goal. There were two Catholic priest promoting a seminar to remove graft and corruption and part of the problem they say was the teaching of the Catholic church. A businessman friend of mine is a member of a fellowship called Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals whose goal is to eliminate graft and corruption. They establish br eakfast and seminars for members which total over a thousand in a very short span of time.

These just prove to me that there is a call of God to change the Philippines and the rest of the world. By Faith, I am making myself a willing vessel to do the bidding of God. I know that I will be successful because I will rely not on my strength but on His Spirit.)